Brand Strategy

Too many brands suffer from lack of clarity or selective clarity about the DNA that make them unique and competitive. This creates confusion inside and outside the organization which leads to loss of focus, inconsistent direction and decision making, lack of ownership and accountability and ultimately loss of customers and revenue.

Leveraging 27 years building, shaping, refocusing and scaling some of the best brands in the world (Apple, Gap, Tory Burch) m2 can help you articulate your brand DNA in ways that create clarity around what you are solving for and why customers should care. We can also help you put guardrails in place that are in line with both your strategy and your culture so that all parts of the internal organization feel empowered to make decisions that are brand building as well as profit generating.

Team development

Working groups. Teams. Is there a difference? Does it matter? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes. Teams have been proven over and over again to deliver better results faster and more profitably while also creating value for the team and the brand.

Since teams don’t just happen, it requires an investment in areas like individual and group development, team dynamics, role clarity and contribution, communication and rules of engagement.

Having built and led successful teams in all corporate and field functions, from 10 people to 25,000 people over the past 27 years, m2 is uniquely qualified to help brands develop the kind of highly effective teams needed today as well as into the future.

Individual development

People need to be developed. Period.

Organizations have a two-fold problem to deal with in this new world order.

First, the more senior someone becomes in an organization, the less likely they are to have formal coaching and development. These leaders are potentially using old solutions to solve new problems which hinders the creativity and innovation needed to succeed.

Second, younger technologically proficient employees are being promoted into positions of leadership without the life experience and skills necessary to successfully develop individuals and teams.

Both of these scenarios have a very real and negative impact on culture, job satisfaction and results.

m2 has 27 years of people and team leadership experience paired with human capital assessment certifications to help people learn more about themselves, develop their EQ and push themselves to realize their leadership potential.

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